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The retirement industry is gearing up for a wave of new products and strategies, spurred by the SECURE Act, and its PEP (pooled employer plan), MEP, and “group of plans” provisions.

But there’s a problem:

The retirement industry is not prepared for this change.


Two Reasons

While PEPs and other group plans present opportunities for real differentiation and growth, they will create some degree of disintermediation, loss of revenues from repricing existing relationships and additional fee compression for some service providers.

The industry is built on a non-fiduciary paradigm, and PEPs require an “all-in” fiduciary commitment from the pooled plan provider (PPP)—the sponsor of the PEP.

Providers who seek to leverage the future will need to embrace broad responsibility for fiduciary duties. The upside is that those who invest wisely and aggressively and wisely in the tools and technologies to manage these processes have the real potential to separate from their peers.

The SECURE Act presents a once-in-a-decade opportunity to reshape value propositions and Waypoint Fiduciary can help. Everything starts by asking the right questions. Talk to us.

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