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Pete Swisher, CFP®, CPC, QPA, TGPC

Waypoint was founded by Pete Swisher, one of the retirement industry’s most recognized thought leaders, to bring together great minds to tackle big challenges and seize big opportunities facing the industry.

Pete’s unusual balance of experience as a successful sales leader and brand builder, yet also a subject matter expert (SME), makes possible a range of insights and practical advantages that are difficult to imitate. He is widely regarded as one of the top experts in the country with respect to PEPs, MEPs, and the ERISA Section 3(16) plan administrator role.

Pete wrote the book, literally, on fiduciary governance of retirement plans. His knowledge and experience encompass every type of group retirement program plus every fiduciary role in a retirement plan. But he is unique among SMEs in that his expertise has been shaped and tested by more than 20 years of service as a financial advisor, consultant, educator, government affairs leader, top-producing salesperson, sales executive, and brand-builder. Most SMEs are found in law firms and compliance departments. Pete, instead, builds businesses. His full CV and references are available on request.


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